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Quadrant finally arrives! (52/14 #37)
I close out September with a great first shot in a new series of inter-connected adventures starring a team of four young heroes named Jigsaw, Cinder, Kodiak and Enigma. Quadrant is a labor of love for me, a new project designed to help me explore the corners of the Quadrant Universe one chapter at a time. Just in the first five installments I will be releasing over the next few months, my young heroes will travel much of the world. And in the process, they will start showing a few corners I have wanted to unleash for years! But first they will have to get past a whole bunch of ninjas in our very first chapter, "Attack of the Demon"! Backers will see it come their way very soon, but everyone can pick it up at a link below: Amazon: Smashwords:
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