QuadratoX on Vinyl!!!
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After two years of work, I'm proud to release my first album all played with real instruments, Computer Shaman.
I mixed a lot music genres like Vaporwave, Stoner Rock, Easy Listening, Ambient, Synthwave, Trap, World Music and so on to create a "sound landscape" of an ultra-technologic, futuristic and syncretistic Asia.
Since I started making music I'd always dreamed of releasing a vinyl and I'd like to have some help from you to make my wish come true.
I'd like to thank all the artists that worked with me on Computer Shaman: Stefano Bottarelli, Lorenzo Squilloni, Vincenzo Salvia, Zenø, Starloma, Lucid Sound Driver, Atronach's Aura, Francesco Bentivegna from Mr Everett.