Quantify Launches Closed Alpha Test
Yes, it’s all done and ready to go! You can apply for testing at https://quantify.world/

We’ve done all basic features, animated our owls and finished key gameplay elements.

Now every member can answer questions, get experience and new skills — and then do more other cool things with them. Just come and check it out :)

We also really need your help in bug hunting. We hope that you won’t find them. But all good hunters will get unique badges and achievements from us!

You know, we’ve been working on Quantify for two years and it’s an important part of our life. So we’re super excited to finally show it to people.

But since we’ve done only the most basic features, we show them not to the whole world, but only to you :)

By the way, it’s now an international project. This means you’ll see the answers of people from different countries and get a chance to compare and analyze them (or not, as you choose).

You’re welcome to join and share any thoughts and ideas, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

(here’s the link: https://quantify.world/)  Hope to see you soon!