Quarterly Goals- Jan-March 2018
It's a new year and time to get back into a routine that was really helpful for me last year but I fell out of. I'm making this post public but every one after this will be only available to Patrons.

I got this method of planning from Jenna Moreci- a fellow writer and YouTuber. Her videos are awesome. She is also on Patreon. I started posting videos myself but I've found that coming up with goals in my planner is much easier. I divide the goals into 2 categories- writing and personal. I will only be posting the writing goals and I have 15 of them this time. So, let's see how I do! In my next post, sometime in early April, I will list these goals again and mention if they were met or not and why.

Here we go!

1) Beef up book 2 to over 50K words- I'm almost halfway done with this already but I know how I tend to procrastinate or how life tends to get in the way.

2) Finish outline of book 3

3) Query agents and small press options- just to see if I get anything because you never know

4) Look into more precise self-publishing costs

5) Find an editor

6) Find a cover designer

7) Post 1 video every week

8) Post at least 1 blog every week

9) Redo my website

10) Order business cards with my married name on them

11) Reach 100 YouTube subscribers

12) Track social media in Boss Lady Planner

13) Reach first Patreon goal

14) Revamp Patreon Page (Already done!)

15) Update series bible

So, that's my goals for the next 3 months. What are your goals? How do you track them? Are they quarterly? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? How do you stay on track?