QUATRO VELVET 20160620 - Update Preview
I had parts of the characters sketched inside my brown sketchbook for sometime and been playing around with it on and off. I decided to pick it up and finish it up with some nice colors.

2 characters on the middle is quite old, at least the basic idea was already there upon picking it up. Female on the right was newly sketched and it was initially began with a male figure. Just when I was done with sketching, I felt I'd prefer something sexy, so I ditched the male figure and draw her instead. On the left side I had completely different INKED drawing which didn't match rest of the character and it was a drawing posted before. So I cheated a little and migrated a new drawing from different page. (I hope it's not too obvious...) I guess my focus among the characters was to share similar design elements while creating variation within character types.

Design portion wasn't too difficult, so I think it took more trial over coloring stage. Since the the base scan already has the sketchbook "color" to it, overlaying different colors makes it difficult achieve the right color. Before I started I had a plan to bring unity with purple and didn't have much plan to color each character with different color scheme. Sometime my color scheme changes throughout the process and often don't work as I planned so I guess I was lucky with this one. One thin I did have difficult time making decision was the hair colors. Since the costume had unified color scheme, hair would be a good area to make a character stand out. So I've tested non-purple colors and it actually worked rather nicely, adding a bit of charm on each characters. However I decided to put more weight on "PURPLE" so that they have stronger visual as a group and not individually. (Although my personal focus of attention would be the caped female character.)

As for the composition and character line-up, I obviously didn't plan anything and that mostly because my brown sketchbook mostly meant for idea dump.

On a different note, I have some stocked unpublished works so I'll put them together for posting ASAP, hoping it would compensate my absence period. I'll right about my absence since I understand people are concerned and I have responsibility and an apology to do so.

- Toshi

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