QubeSpace 1.1.2


Four days ago, the QubeSpace and QubeSpace Minim modpacks were updated to 1.1.2, which meant some more fixes for crashes by means of some config changes, the removal of a mod and the addition of a finetuned unofficial version of Inventory Tweaks.

I'm proud of the small audience we already reached with this modpack, the small server we set up and most of all, the huge config changes that make this pack a unique experience. After this one, I predict one more major update, updating all mods to their newest version and maybe adding or removing some mods and after that a long pause. I may still release some crash fixes though. The server may also stop.

All of this is, of course, to give myself time to develop, finetune and maybe even set up a server for, the Void of Magic/Tech modpack that I, frankly, have grown to love more than QubeSpace.

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