• Ofra Haza (voiced Moses’ mother in The Prince of Egypt in all language versions) is her voice
  • has elemental powers of sand and fire
  • physically really strong
  • has the power to command pearls and smaller mothers to her will
  • summoned weapon: gauntlet with a claw
  • doesn’t know how to use any of her powers actually
  • she has a sinistral (left handed) shell, which is extra rare and automatically made her a heir to the throne
  • like all conches, she is very short sighted. Literally. She can’t see in the distance
  • her eyes are also very sensitive to light so she carries a parasol with her when going outside
  • she is left handed

table of contents:

  1. Personality
  2. Relationship with Pink Diamond
  3. Relationship with other Mothers

[NOTE: because i wanna make comics bout the moms i’m leaving a lot of the stuff out to avoid spoilers. certain things may seem confusing out of context but over time they will make sense.]

1. Personality

Queen Conch, or “Conchie” as Pink Diamond used to refer to her, is kind-hearted, quiet n a little clumsy. She always treats everyone gently, even enemies. Like all snails conches, she speaks and moves slowly, but when necessary can act lightning fast. She’s indecisive and not sure what she wants, since all her life she was never allowed to make any choice. She tends to sing when especially emotional about sth (honestly she sings more than she talks). She has a sense of pride, which unfortunately is constantly stepped on. Nowadays she’s depressed, so the bright side of her personality does not show at all. The smile on her face is a pleasant facade she learned to keep up in the years she spent with Pink Diamond.

She doesn’t know much about the Mothers’ history and culture. Since she was born so late and experienced so little of it, she never had a chance to connect to it properly. Since she’s also disconnected from the rather hostile gem culture, she feels out of place everywhere.

She really hates the dress she’s wearing. It makes her feel like a doll and it’s hard to breath in it (it covers her mantle completely). Not being able to wear something comfortable bothers her. Also she keeps tripping up on it.

2. Relationship with Pink Diamond

Pink was heads over heels for Conchie, but the Queen didn’t return the feelings. Unfortunately she had no choice and had to play along anyway. Pink’s cheerful attitude made it hard not to like her, tho, and she eventually developed something of a sympathy for the Diamond. However Pink’s treatment of the conch left a lot to be desired.

The Queen was essentially her trophy wife. She had no say in anything and had to accept all of Pinks wishes, otherwise she would make Pink angry (she was a spoiled, entitled brat after all). She wasn’t a fan of the nickname Pink gave her either as it felt disrespectful, but eventually got used to it and even found it somewhat cute.

When Pink got shattered, the Queen was really hurt. She couldn’t help it and she realized she fell for the Diamond after all (it’s actually Stockholm Syndrome, don’t be fooled). She still feels sad when she reminiscences about the ‘good’ things they had.

3. Relationship with other Mothers

The only Mothers she gets to talk to are Silver and Gold Maximas. The Queen really treasures their company as they are the closest people she could find relatable in any way. Gold loves to go on and on about how great their empire was back in the day, and Conchie listens with interest, but finds it hard to have any stronger feelings on it. Silver talks to her about current events and helps her find something to do after Pink’s shattering. Both Maximas try to support the Queen in her depression, but they lack the time and are too stressed with work to really commit to it...


here’s how Conchie would look like on earth after liberation, rocking those mom jeans:

[images: Conchie in mom jeans and a sun hat]

Here's how Conchie’s gauntlet would look like if she could summon it:

[image: conch gauntlet]

and here's Conchie as a baby:

[image: Princess Conch]