The Queen of Anime Melodrama
An overview of the career of one Mari Okada, an anime writer responsible for lots of big-name teen melodrama!
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 681 patrons
*Discord* - Active community for discussing my content, anime, music, and whatever other interests my patrons share.

*Forum* - Groupwatch discussions with the Diglettes orchestrated in this patron-exclusive forum.

*Missing Videos* - A lot of my content gets removed from regular streaming sites, so I've had to archive it here.

*Exclusives* - Often times I drop random content that I'm not sure what to do with on my patreon.

Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per month 240 patrons
Access to a 90-minute podcast released every other week, in which I review all of my experiences over the past two weeks in-depth! Insights into my creative process, fun personal stories, and reviews of media which I don't find a chance to cover in a full video are abound. 
Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month 60 patrons
At the end of each month, my editor Davoo and I produce long-form commentaries on all of my videos. These are hours-long podcast-with-video-style commentaries getting deep into why and how we did things the way we did, and I often describe how I'd do it better now. There's something like 100 hours of these?? You get access to all of them. They are late sometimes, but we make them extra-long later to make up for it.
Includes Discord rewards
$15 or more per month 32 patrons
[Workshopping this tier??]

Access to a patron-exclusive livestream where you can chat with me about whatever. Scheduled randomly, so check the discord chat on this tier for updates. All of these will be archived and accessible to anyone on this tier in the future. Anyone who can't make it can send questions ahead of time to be answered on the stream. 

Includes Discord rewards
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