Queen Twisted’s World

My childhood was filled with cartoons. I would rush home after a long day of school and put on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon to watch what I thought was the best cartoons ever. Cartoons like Kim Possible, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, Powerpuff girls, and so much more. I love cartoons so much I would try and create my own and that’s how I got into art! The moment I picked up a pencil I was never able to put it back down. Now I have created a style of my own that I like to call Cutely Twisted. Most of my drawings are black and white and have creatures like demons, angels, vampires and so much more! Just like all my drawings or OC’S I add bits and pieces of myself into each one but put a new character in my shoes and definitely change the events slightly. I was bullied throughout my younger years and the memories of it still linger in my mind till this day. I use to have people take my glasses and stomp on them, destroy the stuff I kept in my desk, write things on my forehead while I slept, pick on me because of my weight and behavior, and one night in middle school I even got attacked on my way home. So I put tons of my feeling into my art that I hope all of my Twist will be able to feel!

I am in school for art so bare with me ❤️