Queer livedraw/write week!
Hello everyone!! We have a cool announcement to make! Next month, June 5th through June 8th, we’re having a Week of Lives! Click here for the livewrite/livedraw schedule!

We’re dedicating this week to every sort of love — especially for all our wonderful LGBT readership. Sister Claire’s created by and for the LGBT community, and we wanted to celebrate us, so be sure to come and have fun!

We’ll be holding a poll so everyone can weigh in on their favorite Sister Claire couple! Click here to vote!

The top two will be featured, plus two other surprises by Ash, and we’ll be closing the week with a livedraw! So don’t forget to vote! And we hope to see you there!

(Signal boosts appreciated!)

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+++ Good Egg Award +++
$1 or more per month 68 patrons
You’ve done a good deed and you’ve also made two comic creators very happy! Thank you so much! This tier entitles you to vote in Patreon-only polls, where you can decide the subject of wallpapers, livedraw doodles, and more!
+++ Patron of the Arts Award+++
$3 or more per month 32 patrons
Wow, thank you so much! For your pledge, you get a Patreon-exclusive monthly wallpaper!
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Hot dog! For your pledge, you get the exclusive wallpaper and access to Patreon-only concept art, early pages when available, and an inside look on page progress!
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$10 or more per month 24 of 50 patrons
Get all the goodies listed in previous pledges, as well as a monthly handwritten postcard from Ash and Yamino! Upon this postcard Ash will write you a heartful message of gratitude, and Yamino will cackle and doodle you a picture representative of her thanks.

(Don't want to give out your physical address?  That's okay!  We'll email you a digital postcard!)
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Oh my! This tier gives you a VIP pass to a special private livestream where you can request NSFW drawings. Unlike the main public livestream channel, these sessions are not recorded and Ash and Yamino can answer your more salacious questions. ;)

Patrons at this level also get to see updates with the finished NSFW art. (This reward includes all $5 rewards, but does NOT include postcards.)
xxx Double Your Fun Award xxx
$15 or more per month 11 patrons
Same as the NSFW Award, but you get a personal handwritten and doodled postcard from us, too! Funkin’ awesome!

+++ Storyteller Award +++
$45 or more per month 3 of 6 patrons
Ash will write you ONE short story per month (approximately 500 words) featuring canon Sister Claire characters of your choice! You may choose the theme/provide a prompt.

NSFW is okay, but Ash reserves the right to refuse certain prompts. Story may or may not be canon. Yamino will include ONE black and white sketch with each story.
+++ Claire-ify me, Captain! +++
$55 or more per month 7 of 7 patrons
Get a cameo in Sister Claire as a NUN or a WITCH! Have you always wanted to be in Sister Claire? Here’s your chance! We have a big scene coming up involving lots of people, and this is a golden opportunity to be one of those people! Want to make an appearance alongside your favorite characters? Act now!

Note:  characters will be background characters that may or may not have speaking roles.  We do not guarantee that these characters will recur.  They may only appear in this single scene.  Every $55 pledge earns you one cameo.
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