Quest for Glory 1 (EGA) / Hero's Quest completed in the Sierra Chest!

Dear Patrons,

I am very happy to announce that the very first Quest for Glory game has been completed in the Sierra Chest! Yes, finally!

It took a good month to put it all together and I went all detail on it. Here are some of the things you'll find:
- Not one, not two, but THREE complete video walkthroughs, one for each character type with perfect score, for a combined 51 game play videos!
- three text walkthroughs with point lists
- complete sound track (27 tracks)
- details on character types, character skills and development
- characters and monsters
- inventory items and spells
- Easter eggs
- game play instructions
- box art
- maps
- game trailers
- over 170 screen shots
- and more

See the game page here:

Enjoy! :-)