Quest for Lucky 26! Dr. Cushing Official Banner
Hi, All You Monster Lovers!

I know you got a sneak preview of this when I posted about my interview on Monster Kid Radio #268, but I figured it was high time I shared the official Dr. Cushing's Chamber of Horrors banner.  So... Here it is!  Use it to share your love of classic monsters with your friends!  And sharing right now is doubly important because...

We're on a Quest for Lucky 26!

What's Lucky 26?  That would be our 26th patron.  (Maybe you're someone reading this right now!)  Why 26?  Because it's twice 13!  And why is it lucky...?

Because when I reach 26 or more patrons I will release a chapter from DR. CUSHING'S CHAMBER OF HORRORS!

That's right, it's not far away in some mythical future anymore, it's right around the corner (with your help)!  So, this is the time to invite all your fellow fiends and monster lovers!

And, of course, when the Dr. Cushing serial starts, Precognitive Team level members and above will get an extra chapter right away!

Is that a monstrous kick-off, or what?

So, here's the handy URL to share far and wide:

Thank you for your patronage!  Keep supporting those monsters!