A Question and An Extra Thing!
Ok so there is a video today feel free to check it out if you wish but I'd like to know from you my Patrons if these daily updates are annoying?

I know they show up in emails but I don't know if it emails you every day. I could imagine that this might be annoying. And I don't want to do that. So yea please let me know and feel free to be honest!

Also I started a board on Pinterest that was formerly locked from the public but I opened it up to the public today. It's the board where I am collecting reference for the 12 Stories project and figured it may be interesting for some of you to kind of get an extra inside scoop on how I'm building these stories if you like! 

So heres the link if your interested! 

Thanks again for all of the support!!!

God Bless,

- Marshall 'Plex' Couture