Question for the shareholders!!
Didn't think you were a shareholder huh? Well it's not a company but it is your money, so I want you to choose what it's used for.

Why? Well, we shouldn't be doing this KK thing with the extra money, it's kinda against the rules, but I hadn't had the time to deal with anything else. So we should stop doing that, and I think this is as fine a month as any (plus I have time).

So then, instead, what would you guys like the extra money to go towards? I'm making this post public, cause I want a bunch of suggestions, but the patrons will make the decisions!

Of course it needs to be something for the benefit of MWW or its users. Also, it can be multiple things that are split up by tiers (so you pledge toward which one you want and I keep track of the pots). Lastly, there's no way anyone has the ability to run or even think of events every month so I'd definitely recommend against that, unless you enjoy stale events.