Question for Patrons
As I'm coming to the end of my cookbook revision process -- just five or so more recipes to go! -- I'm wondering how best to give value for people supporting my Patreon. When I started it, I was mostly using it for the cancer log / poems, which are thankfully basically done now. And then I added the cookbook, which people seemed to like a lot. So what next?

Would people be interested in scenes / drafts of stories? I wouldn't be putting final versions up there, but my first drafts are pretty readable. And you could see things as I wrote them, if that's of interest. There are partial stories and essays and plays and all kinds of things.

There's an entire YA fantasy novel I've drafted, and an entire mainstream lit. novel, that I could send out chapter-by-chapter. I think if work is available only to subscribers, it doesn't count as published, should I ever be trying to get those out again (they're in a drawer for now, as I concentrate on the SF novel / series).

I also could put up my drawings, but I feel like such a beginner there, I don't know why anyone would want to subscribe to that.

Any thoughts welcome! What would you like to see?

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