A question for people who will be reading my revision reports for Going North
I'm hoping, as I report on the process of revising and re-expanding (for the third time of asking) my novel Going North, to avoid major spoilers for said novel. But I had momentarily forgotten that the first and second chapters contain really comprehensive spoilers for, respectively, The Whim of the Dragon and The Dubious Hills.  I can avoid those too, for the most part. However, the most vivid way to demonstrate the unfortunate state Chapter 1 had gotten itself into through my over-enthusiastic commitment to cutting out all allegedly unnecessary words would be to simply post the first paragraph as it existed a few months ago, and then to show it as it exists after being let out of its cage.

It won't mean much to people who haven't read Whim, but should you happen to recall it while reading Whim later on, it will certainly spoil certain aspects of the ending.

So how do you guys feel about this? Do you, in this particular case, prefer circumspection, or a look at the prose being returned to a usable form?