Questions about support
I have received some questions about becoming a patron here and supporting my work, so I thought I would answer publicly. Some of my reward tiers are pricey, although they are well in line with other artists and creators here on Patreon. Nonetheless, I certainly understand how people are concerned about the value of ongoing monthly support, especially in the fifty and hundred dollar range. 

The most important thing is to support my work if you are able. I certainly do not want anyone to go poor or put their financial security in jeopardy simply because I am offering some high dollar monthly tiers. I know people that drop thousands of dollars into a video game and when it shuts down, they only have the good memories from the time spent playing. With my rewards, there are tangible goods sent to you that you can keep forever.

Alright, you say. I can see pledging $50 or $100 to get the goodies that include a copy of the game, but pay that every month? Is it worth it? The rewards for a one time payment are certainly very good. You could pledge $50 and then cancel after the first month. This is perfectly acceptable. Continuous pledges will receive a good return even if you eliminate the free copies of future releases. Why is that? Consider the cost of buying a custom t-shirt, or how much an exclusive piece of artwork would run. Add into that equation the fact that these rewards are limited release and will not be found outside of Patreon anywhere else. I want to make sure everyone is getting a more than fair return on money they spend to support this endeavor. That is a promise from me.

So pledge once and cancel after the first month, or stick around and continue being a patron, even at a lower tier. Whatever you choose to do, I wholeheartedly appreciate the support and will continue to create and deliver great rewards between the release of the game and future supplements. 

Thank you.