Questions For All Patrons
I spend a lot of time thinking about format and execution for my show and am always tweaking it here and there, and one of the things that's been on my mind a lot lately is the Patron-only videos. Now, I don't mind producing content solely for Patrons, but I also know that most of you are well aware of the fact that being Patrons is what helps me to produce the 'free' content every week; ie if people stopped supporting me, those videos would stop coming. That being said it's also, I know, frustrating getting Patron-only videos to the viewers given Patreon's own lackluster notification and delivery system. I've also been doing a lot of research on what other, more successful people are doing with their Patreon. Which brings me to my two questions. First: What would you say, think, feel about the Patron-only videos shifting to Patron-funded videos, where Patrons get early access to them via the usual method then at a later date they get posted into their own playlist (for ease of viewing) for all to see on my Youtube channel? Second: Is there anything else you think you or others would like as donation incentives as Patron rewards?