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Hello! It's not very often that I address my Patrons directly. I usually don't have much to say beyond "Thank you very much for your support!" so I generally don't make many posts on Patreon. However, today I've got a few questions for you all.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough spare time to add new features to the game between July 1st and July 15th. I posted two YouTube videos to explain the reasons why, and to explain what action I'll be taking to ensure that I have more time to work on the game in the future:

Something that I bring up multiple times in those videos is the fact that I usually work on Yandere Simulator 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and don't have time for myself anymore. I've brought this subject up in the past here on Patreon, and numerous people have pointed out that I should work at a more relaxed pace. However, I feel like I should work enough to justify the amount that I'm getting paid via Patron.

As you can see in the "Milestone Goals" on the left side of the Patreon page, I promised to focus 100% on Yandere Simulator once we reached $1,000 per month (40 hours a week). When we hit $2,000, I decided to work harder (62 hours a week). When we hit $3,000, I decided to work even harder (84 hours a week). We just surpassed $4,000, but I'm already working as hard as humanly possible without sacrificing sleep and meals. I don't know how I can work harder than I already am.

Whenever I sit down to watch anime or play a video game, I think "Yikes!

What if the Patrons could see me now?! They'd think I'm a lazy slacker,

and they'd feel like their money is going to waste!" and then I get

back to work right away. I don't know how else to give back to the Patrons.

However, this has been having an extremely negative effect on my morale and my personal health. I've begun to wonder if I've been foolish to increase my working hours proportionally to the Patreon sum. So, I decided that I should ask my Patrons something:

Do you think that I should work more hours the more I get paid? Do you think that, when I get paid more money, I have a moral obligation to spend more of my time focusing on Yandere Simulator?

I'd appreciate it if you'd give me your reply on this poll:

Additional questions:

1. Whenever progress on the game is delayed, do you feel like your money is going to waste?

2. When you pledge to my Patreon, what do you want in return? For me to work harder and faster? Or something else?

3. My worst fear is for people to feel that the money they are pledging to me has been "squandered" or "wasted". What would make you feel this way?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.


On a completely different note, there's one last thing to mention. I'd like to clarify my current plan for the project:

1. Produce bi-monthly debug builds demonstrating progress

2. Produce an official demo with 100% of the game's features working as intended

3. Launch a crowd-funding campaign to raise a budget

4. Formally establish an official development team

5. Using the budget raised by the crowd-funding campaign, develop the final game

As you can see, establishing an official team or hiring anyone to work on the game is not part of the plan until I'm out of the "debug/demo" stage of development.

(Most of the people currently volunteering to make assets for game are only working a couple hours per week, I don't always have tasks for them, and their assistance is not 100% vital to the completion of the demo, so it's too early to be giving people steady paychecks right now, anyway.)

I won't actually begin paying people for work until after the crowdfunding campaign is complete. Some, or most, or even all of the assets created for the current version of the game might be replaced during the development of the final game. If I'd like to use a volunteer's asset(s) in the final version of the game, I will pay them for the rights to use their work in my commercial product. Until then, everything being made for the game is being made for free.

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