Questria - And a Post-July Update (BronyCon, Brony Polka Animated and Trigger Happy Horses Info)
Hello hello! It's time for some news!

For those whomst read the past few updates I've made you'll know I've been working on a thing on the side, that thing being the second part to the Questria miniseries over on AntonyC's channel. As of the past couple of days, that is now finished and is watchable up above!

The majority of the animation of the above video was done by me, albeit the first minute or so was done by Antony himself. This is another one of those "Brony Analyst Collab" things that if you've been following my channel for a while you may be familiar with, albeit for the past year or so I'd sorta "stepped down" as lead animator for those projects. That being said, it was fun to go back and help with another one of these for the first time in a while.

Anyways, on to the future, thing number one: Brony Polka Animated is officially back in production! This project was one that's been sitting bubbling in the background for a very very long time now (And although I meant for it to be finished by the end of 2016, it kept getting pushed back by shorter and more contemporary projects), but my current-project list has now cleared up enough for me to be able to get back into working on that again. Hurrah! I am as excited as you are to have that finally be happening again. For the sake of because it'll take a very very very very long time even though the project is in full production, I'm thinking of maybe releasing the second third of the project (When it's finished) exclusively to my lovely patrons. I think that would be a neat thing.

Thing number next: BronyCon is happening in a couple of weeks, and I'll be going! This con is the first con in a while I'll be going to (Last one was last year's BronyCon), and this'll probably be the last one I'll be going to for a while. I'll be a panelist in two panels- I would give details on when exactly that'll be happening but... Well, despite being two weeks out, we still don't know what BronyCon's timetable is. Hrm. Either way, I'll be a panelist on both ACRacebest's "Bronies React" panel, and AntonyC's "Reviewing is Magic Live" panel, the latter of which tying into the above mentioned Questria miniseries, if you're interested. Hope to see you there, I'm always eager to meet fans!

Thing number final last: Despite not reaching the respective Patreon goal (As of yet), despite the amount of time it'll eat up, and despite the rather comparatively small viewership of it next to some of my older work, I'm thinking of continuing Trigger Happy Horses after Brony Polka Animated is completed. I had a ton of fun working on that, the reception was universally positive- Plus I have a ton of stupid ideas and concepts I'd love to see happen, expanding on what I started with in that original hour-long mess. I still get comments to this day saying how much they loved it or that that video got them into the franchise- Which is super crazy weird to think about! I guess it has been almost half a year since then, so enough time has passed to let the project sizzle a bit. I guess I technically have no guarantees as it's so far off, but as of right now I can say that I really want to continue Trigger Happy Horses, that of which may happen sometime next year.

Rad! So, thanks for reading, thanks for being a patron if you are a patron, and I hope to see you later!

- Viva