Queue Processing Suspended

To: all website visitors

The original purpose of rewind.lol was to be a nice birthday gift for a friend. I spent hours and hours of my time getting the website working for just ONE profile. They were meant to be special and unique gifts to the closest of my friends; after all, no one else had one. Before March of 2020, you had to ask me to make a profile for you, and I didn't always do it. But I decided that this project had more potential. I thought there may be others out there that might appreciate the work I'm doing, so I put in hundreds of hours more into this project to make it so that pretty much anyone in the LoL community could appreciate this work.

Today, one of my Patrons who had pledged $20 decided to cancel their pledge without notice and after asking for more than 10 profiles to be expedited. This is the second time something like this has happened. It is quite unfortunate because most Patrons have been honest, good people. After spending the time out of my day to do something nice for this person, I had to spend an even more amount of time today undoing that work. And that is something that I just can't tolerate.

This is not about the lost money. This is about the way people are treating me. I certainly don't feel like I've deserved this treatment.

You need to understand that I am not a large company like Riot, with billions of dollars in revenue coming in every year. (I'm not broke either; but the point I'm making is that I don't have the same resources available as a corporation does.) I am the sole developer and maintainer of this project, and this is my hobby. If this hobby becomes a point of frustration for me, I'm going to stop doing it. I did not sign up to do a good deed for the LoL community just to be slapped in the face.

Effective immediately, queue processing for all regions has been suspended until at least January 19, 2021. During this time, only trustworthy Patrons will be able to have their profiles updated. From this point forward, newly joining Patrons will be forced to pay upfront when they join, regardless of whether or not they intend to ask to be expedited.

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