Quick change to the $10 tier
Right now, new comic pages I make go immediately onto the private patron twitter for $10 folks. I hadn't put them on patreon because I didn't want to flood your guys' emails with posts. However! Very compelling arguments have been made on this point: it's easy to miss twitter posts, there's no easy full view option, it's hard for new $10 folks to gain access if I'm not paying attention to twitter at that moment, it's hard to browse the pages in order, and so on.

So from now on, all new pages for the $10 tier will go up on patreon!

That also means that this weekend, I'm going to put a bunch of pages up on here (I think you guys are 7 pages ahead of the patreon buffer or so) so I apologize ahead of time for the spam. ;)

I'll probably throw a few little production notes out there in the descs for $10+, we'll see!

And in the meantime, the patron twitter will still have WIPs, story musing, behind the scenes, and more.

Thanks for your support, you all. It means a lot to me!