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anonymous asked:
May  I ask how u go from grayscale to color?? I try to do it and then use  layer adjustments but it... the colors always turn out so muddy :(

short answer: you probably use “overlay”, where you could be using “colour”, which is a layer mode designed to… well, colour.

overlay applies both colour and value. the more neutral the grey in your base is, the better the hue will stick to  it. it also means if you choose a lighter or darker shade of whatever  colour you want, it will lighten or darken your values respectively. the  closer the value of this colour is to true grey the less your  base  will be affected.

  1. too dark, especially considering the highlights. looks out of place, mostly because this is not a way to paint dark skin.
  2. too light, not enough contrast where i want it.
  3. okay, pretty dope, but i personally don’t like how desaturated the white is.

colour, on the other hand, won’t affect your values, and gives you more saturated effect as opposed to overlay.

you can see the difference in hue, but not in value, and the shadows and lights remain saturated. colour mode can  be a bit tricky to work with, because everything is so intense. so i  like to lay my base colour on one layer, and then, for all the details, i  add more colours on a new layer - this way i can mess with them without  screwin up my base. it goes more or less like this:

  1. there she is
  2. i apply the colours to colour zones. more on what the fuck that is here
  3. i lower the opacity of the colour zones layer, because that just looked crazy
  4. i  add more rose to the cheeks, subtle purple to the eyelids, pink to the  waterlines, and some dope lipstick. then i add some red to the ears on a  separate colour dodge layer.

there’s more to colour depending on your lighting of course, but this is just for skin. for a more in depth step by step you can grab my gumroad file (it’s free!); hope this helps!! also, obviously, this is how i do it, there’s multiple methods, so go wild and experiment !!