A quick demo of the DD Editor & Player App

Hey everyone, this is a quick demo showing some of the features of the application v.0.0.1 which will be available in March to all Patrons for free. 

In the editor you'll be able to build a sequence of maps using the included or your own elements (mp4, m4v, mov, jpg, png etc) drag'n drop, set a start point and directions, play it back and navigate between the maps with the arrow keys. 

It will be a modular dungeon building system with the seamless looping elements (rooms, corridors, chambers etc) I'll release to you from the next month in various themes. 

Hope you like it, prepare for the village, which is coming before the weekend.

(The music "Ratonhnhaké ton (Ratonhnhaké:ton)" by Lorne Balfe is not part of the product)

UPDATE 17.07.2019.

Buy the 3.0. version of the Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player. Read more about it here.


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