Quick Game Art Tips - Caustics Projector + Improved Water Shader

Using a projector component and shader to create stylized caustics 

How to use:
- Create an empty gameobject
- Add a Projector Component
- Set to Orthograpic mode

- Create a new shader with the linked shader code
- Create new material from this shader and add to the projector

Shader code Caustics: PasteBin Link 

Linked shader has triplanar projected textures compared to the single plane in the tip-gif
It also has a dropdown for blend mode, standard is set to "SrcAlpha OneMinusSrcAlpha"
but "OneMinusDstColor One" also looks nice (more additive)

Shader Code Water (Improved version of the Stylized Water Tip) : PasteBin Link 

Some free textures to play with:

Caustics Shader - _Falloff (Import Alpha Source GrayScale)

Caustics Shader - Noise

Caustics Shader - Caustics Tile (from  Here )

Water Shader - Main Texture

Have Fun!

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