Quick-hit writing: inspired by a guy on Metro
The Beginning of a Micro-Play Written in the Moment and Inspired by the 50-ish Married White Guy Reading a Library Copy of "Fodor's Italy 2014" on the Red Line to Grosvenor.

Alan, a planner.
Kevin, a dreamer. Alan's husband.

Kevin: all I'm saying is – all I'm saying is, you coulda maybe probably sprung for the 2017 edition

Alan: Waste of money.

Kevin: ohmygod I'm not doing this again

Alan: It's Italy, for chrissake! It's not like Italy's having all of these earth shattering, monumental changes every five minutes.


I'm not sure what, if anything, I'm gonna do with this. But it may find itself morphing into a longer piece. I'd love to hear your thoughts!