Quick informing

Hi, guys! Quick informing about work process:

The next update appears to be bigger than it was planned. I wanted to do 2-3 location, but we have 7 to add already. The update should establish a way to a village and the village itself. It will contain a shop, training spot, 2 girls for the fuck-list and bunch of NPCs. I'm not sure about adding quests for them for now, probably i will postpone that for later.
A sex scene with one of the girls is planned. If time will allow i'll add it to the update.

Aside of the stuff above, the gameplay will be slightly expanded. I'm still trying to avoid over complication of things, so this addon will be organically included to the HUD and the game's proccess.

Still not sure when i release it, but probably it won't be on next week. I wish i could do that sooner, but my current job eats time like a fucking Muzzy.

That's it for that post. Thanks alot for your generous pledges! 

Take care, guys!

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