Quick lil update

Ey pals

Hanging out in a Ralph’s rn

Hope you all got my latest newsletter, the writing was maybe a little ambitious but I’m glad I got it out. If you didn’t see it, ping me, apparently it got snagged on some spam filters

Just realized I forgot to mention, I put together a fun weird video for a producer friend that we released a few days ago. Something I managed to get finished using some new productivity practices I’ve been trying to solidify. Mostly lately just been trying to find ways to keep things flowing even when I feel bad/confused/stressed/lonely/not inspired/hungry. Been reworking a lot of my process lately so as to be less of a giant ball of stress all the time. But yea check it out if you wanna, it was fun to work on and I like how it turned out. Also my friend's track is pretty cool and sort of resonated with the mood I was in while I was managing all that. We talked about it over messenger and actually sort of bonded over that exact feeling/process, it was neat. But yea czech it out. see ya