quick crowdsource! Los Angeles: "electric blanket" video shoot CALL FOR HELP
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hallo loves!!! 

i have a surprise THING coming at you later today - i am finally releasing the live footage we shot at BRIGHTON FESTIVAL!!! hoorah - but right now i need to get this one out the door.

in good music news: my soul-sister JASON WEBLEY and i have recorded our long-beloved song "electric blanket". 

we also just recorded another (secret) song and are going to release them as a little 2-fer-one Thing and print a 7" - both songs are deliciously beautiful...

AND...we've been working behind the scenes for a few months on a VIDEO CONCEPT for "electric blanket" and have hired our old friend hoku uchiyama, who did the "have you seen my sister evelyn" genius-work-o-animation video!

if you missed that when it came out, it's here, and it's still impossible to figure out HOW THEY DID THAT:


AND NOW....hoku and jason, armed with a script that we've all been working on together, are going to make this short-film/music-video next month in LOS ANGELES!! according to hoku, this video would normally cost a fortune, but we are trying to make it for under $20k. here's hoping we stay on budget. and, as usual, to pull that off, we are going to need some help…

if you can help with anything below, send an email to [email protected] by sunday, july 29th and he'll get back to you early next week.

Looking for a couple dozen actors/extras for a video being shot in LA the second week of August.  Acting experience is a plus, but not needed.  We need people of all backgrounds and ages.  

A few specific folks we are looking for:
Young boy age 10-12
Older people ages 70+
Punk-ish teenagers
A fit couple in their 30sA couple in their mid-20s

Those are just a few, we also need a handful of other people of all ages and genders.  

There will be some compensation.  Much of the shooting will be at night.  Please send a photo, availability and contact info and we’ll be in touch!


We don’t really have a budget for locations, and are hoping to find a bunch of pretty specific places.  If you think you can help, let us know.  We’d like to keep options within the Thirty Mile Zone (Roughly a 30 mile radius from central LA).

1. Suburban house with an accessible roof that is safe to have a few people on it. Preferably well-lit with street lights.  Low traffic and not a lot of cars parked on the street a big plus.  Chimney is also a plus.
2. A department store where we can film in the early morning - like Target or Walmart.  If you manage or work at a place that we might be able to get away with doing some filming before opening, that would be amazing.  
3.  Nursing home, hospice, or similar space - a clinical place with a large interior corridor.  
4.  A home with fireplace in the living room and a boy’s bedroom on 1st floor with a large window.  
5.  College dorm room
6.  Convenience store parking lot.  7-11 or similar.  We could try to do this guerrilla, but it would be great to have permission.  
7.  A small bakery or donut shop, with workers, at night.  
8.  A creative looking, hip loft space - the focus of this scene is the bed.  
9.  A plain, sterile office space.  Possibly a cubicle.  



- Someone with experience with rigging - we have a weird thing (pulley system) we’re trying to do that maybe you can help with.  
- A couple puppeteers.  (anyone a puppeteer?)
- People with art department skills, fabrication skills, sewing skills, etc… who would want to help in prep or in production. 


that's it! 






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