Quick Notice
Just a quick notice that next week, there will not be a regularly scheduled pages update. I recently accepted a few more commissions, not to mention the ones I need to finish now that my tablet is working again (finally. It sucked borrowing one), and I have a dentist appointment and a few things to get situated for Youmacon this October. Updates will resume the following week. In the meantime, if I am able, I will continue to do bit work on the animation and possibly do pages if time allows. But again, expect the next page update on September 4th.

However, as I did not fufill our Skypecast rewards last month, I will be holding our Skypecast this Friday at 5pm EST for all Patrons who qualify.

Also, as it has gotten so late in the month, I will be sending this month and next months physical rewards to qualifying Patrons on September 5th. I do apologize, but money was extremely tight this month.

And a notice to all Patrons on the Volume Mailing List, DBNA Volume 4 should become available as soon as November, so expect your next Volume soon after!