A Quick Question: What is Black Swift?
Hey friends, so as I think I mentioned, I'm currently going through a program to learn about online music marketing and it's SOOOOOO good!  I'm learning and growing and it's giving me hope that I'm going to find more fans of my music out there in the inter webs.  Now, I've ALWAYS struggled with defining my music.  But now I'm really trying to narrow it down, find my micro niche and make things really clear and easy for people to understand what I do.  I've been working on some descriptions.  Which one do you think works the best?  Keep these questions in mind:

- what would draw you in?  

-what would make you curious? and most of all, 

-which one do you think describes what Black Swift is most accurately.  If you think none of these work and have a better idea, I'm all ears :)

I know you guys are super smart with this stuff, so your opinion means so much to me!  Thank you!!!

Female-fronted Indie Punk cathartically wooing us to a world where we are all seen as equally valuable and worthy of love

Blending Post-Punk, Americana and Rock n' Roll to guide you through dark catharsis towards bright hope

A Tarantino-Morricone Rock Road trip with Patti Smith driving, Fugazi giving directions and Tom Waits dreaming in the back seat.

Grrrl Lead Punk Blues slaying dragons with happiness in minor chords

Melancholia Indie Punk

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