Taking a break from Venom and practicing faces again. I haven't practiced faces in a while and found that it took me about four tries to get this sketch decent. I have been watching many YouTube videos of tutorials, lessons, and tips on various art media and have learned many things. There was one thing that has stuck in my mind everyday. Casey Baugh roughly said in one of his workshops that if you can recreate a piece over and over again where it looks almost identical, that is power. If you are only able to make it once and whenever you try to make it again, it looks nothing like your first piece, then it was just pure luck. I personally have only made one piece twice and when I did, it looked similar, but not enough to my standards. I did not get the same feel from the image nor did I get some proportions right. Granted, I was not "feeling" the second piece since it was a commission at that point, but it was just the general gist of the first picture. Ever since I watched that video, I have been thinking if I really have the ability to recreate a piece multiple times. I am now challenging myself to create mini pieces and trying to duplicate them, so you may see some pieces reoccurring every now and then :). If you want to join me on this challenge, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!
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