Quick Tip: Mind Your Line Breaks
Hey folks! Just thought I'd share a quick tip about rulebook layout that you might not have considered: Line breaks! Most of the time you'll flow text into your columns and let the sentences break wherever they may, but be careful!

If the break also coincides with what appears to be the end of a thought, the reader may stop right there and miss key information in the latter portion of that sentence. This can happen in full rulebooks or even something as small as a single bit of card text.

Assuming you don't have editorial authority to change the text itself, there are still some solutions you can use as the graphic designer. Try adjusting the width of the text column so the line breaks at a different point. You can also try forcing a line break so it is clear the end of the line isn't also the end of the sentence, but just make sure it's not too obvious or else your whole column may look like a jumble of E.E. Cummings poetry.

Hope you find that useful! If you want more quick tips like this, I'll try to make them more of a thing.