I've taken an interest in mechanical keyboards lately (both for purpose and for the clickity clackity), and upon making a tweet about wanting a 60% mechanical keyboard, @MaybeCoraline sent me a DM asking if I would be interested in their board that they were no longer using.

We decided to do a swap in the end, and asked if she could ask for a sketchbook with a drawing in it in exchange. I agreed and her prompt was fairly simple, a character with a mask and a certain hairstyle. 

I took some progress shots along the way so here we go..!

I was ac

I was actually using this as a chance to use up the remaining inks I had in the bottles after I emptied them into filling my pens.. I cleaned out a lot of my vials today. 8)

I.. forgot to take a photo with the blue vial.

Done (minus the white pen touches)! Thanks again for agreeing to the trade @MaybeCoraline!

This was kinda fun haha. I love the feeling of drawing in a new sketchbook. Maybe in the near future, I can offer it as an add-on in my store haha. The only fear I tend to have is that I can be inconsistent between drawings so that's why I usually don't opt for doing commissioned work.