Hello!  Since we're about a week-and-a-half removed from E3 festivities beginning, I wanted to touch base with everyone (SCANDALOUS) and fill you in (EROTIC) with some quickie news (YOU SEE, IT SOUNDS LIKE SEX).

First off, sorry about the delay in rolling out the Kongversations.  I'm hard at work at editing the Diddy Kong Character Witness we recorded last week.  Hoping to get at least two more Kongversations in before E3 episodes start, so keep an eye open for updates there.  Plus, this year I am planning on live streaming all of the E3 Kongversations while we're in Los Angeles, so that should be a fun bonus.

The new Patreon rewards and milestones should be debuting next week, a couple of days before E3 2017 coverage unofficially begins on the site.  In the process of de-Chadding the rewards, I also wanted to boost the quality of what we offer.  Don't worry: The stickers are staying!

Additionally, don't forget that we'll be providing some E3 floor exclusives via the Inner Circle, so consider joining at that tier to get plugged in to an extra degree of E3 coverage.  We'll have running commentaries, some unique videos, and some stealth reporting that probably wouldn't fly if it were released for the general public.  I've also had requests for us to open an Inner Circle on Discord, and I'll be looking into that after E3 ends.

Finally, know that we're also hard at work on several videos at the moment.  I've just finished the script for a rather ambitious project we're co-producing with a DK Vine stalwart, and there's always that damn Hall of Fame finale we've been promising.  Hmm.  I wonder when that's going to show up...