Hello, awesome people.

Just wanted to give you quick update on rewards / goals, etc.

  • All of you who should have been invited to the FB group, should have received the invites by now.
  • I also added everyone who should have access to my video planning Trello board. (Feel free to upvote or comment on ideas you'd like me to do.)
  • We did the first G+ hangout today. But found that there was a limit of 9 people, so I am going to try Zoom next month. (I'm also going to try and record this.)
  • I sent out the first Patreon only video today. (You should see that here if you are $10+)
  • Signed books: I've received the shipments from my publisher. I'm working on getting this all set up and put together, so hang in there. I will get them out. I have to work out the best way to get all the international shipping handled, etc. Hoping to get these going as soon as I can. I will be traveling to China for 3 weeks, so likely I'll be able to get it done right after that.
  • Custom videos: I'll be emailing you next week if you are supposed to get this reward to ask for your video requests.
  • T-Shirts: Logo was just finished being redesigned. I'm working on a cool custom T-Shirt design. You'll be the first ones to get it.
  • Goals: Goal 1 video is published. Working on the draw my life and goal 3 video is up for voting on the idea.

Whew! I think that is all.

Lots of work to get this rolling so thanks for all your patience.

The FB group is rocking. Thanks for everyone who is making it a great environment.

If you want to join the FB group, get the $10+ Patreon videos or join the monthly hangout, you can up your pledge and then email me and I'll hook you up.

Any questions?

Ask below. Happy to answer.