Quick update ....
T-shirts ... Taken your feedback on board, looking at options, I'll come back with some options folks, thanks!

Channel vids ... We're probably looking at an odd one next week with a few more coming at the end of the month. I do actually have more vids being filmed but I'm saving those for next month as a way of getting ahead of myself and giving you folks regular videos every Tuesday and Thursday. :-D

Patron discounts ... The roundup show is looking good, now I've learned that nothing is certain until it happens but based on the emails back and forth, I reckon I've got discounts from the following companies for you folks ...

Red Dragon
Dark Ops
Deep Cut

And possibly more! Obviously, it ain't certain till the vid comes out but it's looking pretty solid!

Really chuffed about this, one it's a good show but more importantly, I final feel like I'm actually able to give something back just for you guys. Your support is so important to me, so I feel it's good JuJu (it's a whachamacallit thing) to be able to give you something back!

Right, editing to do, better crack on, later's folks!