Hello, magnificent persons,

September is somehow almost over (!!!) and this is so strange. Where did the days go? Why is Fall? WHAT IS WARMTH?

However! I am working on the September story for my Patreons; it is a quiet ghost story set in space. :)

Life Things have been exceptionally busy, as I've been working a lot. This is good! I am also apartment hunting (which is stressful) with the hope of being able to move in October. I thank you for your support in my writing--my goal is to have this new story ready for you by mid-next week (and the 'behind the scenes' post as well!) to welcome in the leaf-scarred winds of autumn.

(I also have ideas for the October story, to celebrate my favorite holiday: Halloween!)

Again, I thank you for supporting my work. <3 Stay tuned for new fiction in a few days!

All my best,