A Quick Update…
Hey folks!

The good news is that in theory? Now I'm back from this work trip, things should start getting back to normal to round up the year.

The bad news? I came down with a bug, so I'm a bit crook at the moment - so if you're supporting at the $5 level, there won't be a bonus vid this month. I'll be making sure you get two next month though!

Next week's episode is on track though - as always I'll publish that tomorrow, so keep an eye on your inboxes (or heck, grab Patreon's iOS/Android app so you get a push notification when I post it) for when that goes out. Hope you enjoy that one as always :)

Which brings me up to the matter of the final (planned) episode for the year… which also just happens to be Episode 200, and well… I have some special plans for that. Special plans which mean I'm going to delay the episode a week to give me more time to put it together.

Thanks again for the support as always - hoping the last few dives into some alternate platforms haven't been too scary ;)


- R

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