Hey y'all! It occurs to me I never made a Patreon post about the finale delay! That seems like a gross oversight on my part.

Here's the deal: obviously, as you've no doubt gleaned, the release of Episode 22 was delayed. That was due to me being wracked with a horrible cold/flu/EDS flare-up/multilpe joint dislocations that left me unable to leave my bed for like 5 days solid. 

I've since (mostly) recovered from that, and I've been slowly catching up with all of my various deadlines. Some of these were deadlines for work that paid my rent this month, so they regrettably took a bit of precedence.

However! I have been putting in some time to get Episode 22 out the door and into your earholes. And JEEZ, this one is a doozy. I don't mean to be a tease, but like... It's so good I also can't help teasing it? It's amazing. Totally worth the wait.

How long a wait? At the moment, I'm aiming for release on March 15th (coincidentally, the 1-year anniversary of our Season 1 finale, 10: Consequence Act II). That date's tentative, but it's looking increasingly possible as I inch closer to completing the episode. And, if all goes as planned, we'll also have the Behind-the-Scene 22 with Tau Zaman up on the same day for all you $5 Patrons.

Thanks y'all for your patience and support during this awful time. I've received an outpouring of love and acceptance from y'all the fans so far, and it really means the world to me. My chronic illness means I'll always be sick in some regard, and that events like this will happen again. It's really comforting to know y'all will be here when I recover.

I love you. Episode 22 coming real soon, I promise.