Quick Update
Hi everyone,

I haven't forgotten about patreon at all. As everyone might know, I've been very busy releasing 3-4 chapters of Emperor's Domination a day along with the occasional Spirit Vessel.

Some patrons have asked me, "what is the benefit of signing up since patrons do not get any extra chapters compared to Wuxiaworld?" I have very mixed feelings about that. 

First and foremost, the patreon amount definitely has a great effect on Emperor's release rate in general, going from 7 per week to 17 per week at the current goal.

On one hand, supporting patrons should be getting more than the general readers. On the other hand, putting many chapters behind a "paywall" is not something I really wish to do, but it might be inevitable.

To keep a healthy balance, Nahct and I will strive to keep the release rate the same for Emperor on Wuxiaworld, while working extra hard to get extra chapters on Patreon as well.

Starting next week, we should be able to see some direct benefits for patrons. As for the tiers for access, I don't really have anything solid in mind.

Please, do comment if you have any concerns/opinions.