This is just a quick update to let you know what's happening right now. I am closing in on completing the next animated short, and as such will be focusing all my time this next week to see if I can get it finished. So there won't be any updates for the next week. After a week, I'll see where I am and if I'm not done with the animated short, I'll resume updates as usual and just complete the animation around them. Right now, here's what I have completed of the animated short: - 3 out of 4 scenes, all characters completely animated. - Last scene, 1 out of 4 characters completely animated. - 1 background drawing (near) completed. What's left: 1) Finish animating the 3 characters in the last scene. 2) Add lip-sync mouths to all characters. 3) Draw 3 backgrounds. 4) Polish animation/fix mistakes. 5) Add shading (?) 6) Animate intro/outro 7) Edit together in After Effects 8) Export From this list, it seems like I have more to do than what I've already done, but the bulk of the work is the animation of the characters, everything else are just little details. It may be overly optimistic to think I can get this done in a week, but I'll at least make a good dent in it, so that I should be done by early September, even after I resume updates again.
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