Quick Update and Vids next week
Just a quick update since I didn't post a video next week. Had to take a break to do some real work and get the cash flow coming in: 3 shows last week, 1 this weekend, and working SXSW here in Austin. 

I'm almost thru the next project video that focuses on improving torsional strength of the mortise and tenon so you can make trestly tables and such that'll last. After that I'm going to focus on just the classroom series for the foreseeable future even though they take so much more work than a project video. Doing that for three reasons: 

1) I believe the classroom series does more good and have more value long term for the community than my projects even though initial views aren't as high.

2) Will allow me to focus more on the book development.

3) I can do production runs of turning work on the side for my daily living expenses (mainly boxes & bowls). These kinds of things make a mess but I can film the hand tool stuff around them since that work is mainly done at the workbench and this stuff at the lathe/bandsaw. 

So there's a quick update. Still trying to find a balance between income and education. Expect a Trestle video mid next week and a classroom series video on Saws shortly thereafter.

- Shawn