Quick Update for November-December
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to post a few quick things going on:
  • Firstly, I released a toy/tool/fun thing called Flower Painter Pro as my November game.  This was made on-stream in six hours for ProcJam, a jam about making procedurally generated games/toys/tools/etc.  You can play it here: http://madameberry.itch.io/flower-painter-pro

  • Secondly, I've updated the Visual Out demo to include a little bit of the feedback I've gotten so far.  This is mostly just ease-of-use and intuitiveness, and is meant to be a build for MAGFest, so if you've played the game already, don't worry, not much has changed.  If you want to check it out anyway, feel free. =]

  • Thirdly, and perhaps most relevant to backers, I will be leaving tomorrow to spend some time visiting family.  Due to a few poorly timed schedules, I will actually be away for a whole MONTH.  So that's fun.
    I'll have my laptop with me, so I'll be able to continue working on backer sprites, so no worries there.  Ludum Dare also takes place during the time I'm away, so I'll /try/ to participate, but it's a five-year-old laptop and doesn't run very well so we'll see how that goes.  If that doesn't work out I'll come up with something quick when I get back.  I can't miss the last month of the One Game a Month challenge, after all!

That about sums everything up.  Until next time!  =]