Quick update : My big November Livestream project !
Heya Internets ! As some of you know, I recently lost 3 months of music projects due to hardware failure. So, I decided to challenge myself into doing 2h of music production every day to burrow that deception/frustration under a ton of new music. 

I could just do this on my own, but I had the idea to stream all of it on Twitch and make this announcement public so I have no choice but to 100% commit to it. 

It’s going to be hard, this is a very big challenge, I have a full-time day job so I might be tired some days but this decision makes so much sense, so I’m just diving in head first. 

During those streams, I’m going to work on all sorts of things, new originals, sound design, experimenting with new styles etc… lots of cool stuff incoming ! 

 Follow me on www.twitch.tv/MOARNial to get an notification when I go live ! LET’S DO IT !Thanks for the support <3David /MOARNial 

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