Quick Update: Getting new Software :)
I'm in the process of getting new software to create better vids. As I stated before, I was able to get a better microphone (again, thank you Patreon's!), but then realized I needed a specific cord to make it all work - ugh. I did have one, at some point, but in the process of moving (and still not having everything unpacked, due to rehabbing the house I'm living in), I just can't find the darn thing! So, I'm buying that today - again thanks to YOU! <3 <3 <3 That said, I have had a few vids on the back-burner, because I want the QUALITY of the vids to be better. Especially the Audio. So I apologize for not having a vid out this week .. but once the new software (and cord) are obtained, I'll be able to ensure things continually grow into better Quality. I'm in the mindset that Quality is better than bad Quantity. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding!Sincerely,April