A quick updatey thing
Hello! I'm just now getting a chance to post something here, so... hello! I'm going to have a LOT going on in January and February, so I should have a lot to write about... but less time to write it. Which is good, because that means things are moving forward!

After a particularly amazing tarot reading (no really, this guy is the best I've ever met in my life, incredibly accurate) I know what to focus on next, what to look out for, where success could come from in the near future, and what to be more patient with. I often get overwhelmed by all the possibilities of what I COULD work on, and sometimes it just plain locks up my brain and the end result is that I get nothing done because I can't decide. Argh! But now I know which thing to focus on when I'm not playing with other things or doing more pressing work that can't wait.

Sometimes, when I get a chance, I blog about writing and filmmaking technique here: http://subtextandsubstance.blogspot.com/ -- I hope you enjoy it, and if you have topic ideas, feel free to contact me with them.

That's it for now. I'll post another update soon!