A quick word on events
I've had a few similar questions lately, so I just wanted to say a few things about events to clear this up a bit.

At the moment, my hands are a little tied because the main focus has to be on increasing the general pool, by which I mean events that can happen without any prerequisites. For example, Redknight asked about more Greyhide and Indarah, but these have been low priority as they'd only appear for players who chose to build the respective buildings. If the turn count increases, we need to add at least as many general events, because there will always be some players who don't meet the requirements of any other conditional events. In order to meet deadlines as well, we have purposely avoided events that would have multiple outcomes that would require double, maybe even triple, the size of a normal event because this would create a lot of extra work. For example, for the follow up to Alexia's visit to the library, I'm planning to let the player choose who she goes to for information (Jez to read  the book / Skord for history / Cliohna for alternative info), but that will likely be the equivalent of four normal events, so it is on the backburner for now.

However, I will be reducing the turn increases soon as there is already a good chunk of game now, and there's no point speeding  ahead with weeks while we are busy working on the various new gameplay functions and/or until we are ready to expand the game map. This will allow us to start adding as many events with prerequisites as we want, and will start to differentiate the event pool depending on your choices better. 

Also, lastly I would like to add that events are not set in stone, we can always go back and add extra choices or outcomes leading to new events later due to the modular nature of the game (which was chosen partly for this reason). I'm happy to take suggestions as well (like the one from Tom Red on the last post), but please email me them rather than comment as it makes it easier for me to keep track.

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