Quiet! It's time for a #LicMag appetizer

Ready for the first of several #LicMag-related posts? Good, us too. 

Last December's Licorice Tea Demos/Magazine show was a magical one. We headed into it not knowing what to expect, issuing advance apologies aplenty: some of the evening's songs hadn't been played in almost 15 years. It turned out to be a perfectly imperfect time for everyone tucked inside Charleston's Queen Street Playhouse that night.

So, why nearly four months later are we still waxing nostalgic about this particular show? Because it was one of the main inspirations for us to give Patreon a try. We "let our hair down" that night, got a little less serious, a little less formal, a lot more us. We've been missing a little bit of that feeling since we've been back. It's something that happens naturally the more time we spend together, but you can't force it. But how do we tap into that ease, the excitement, the newness when we can't be on the road all the time? We just needed a place to support more creativity, and new ways to connect with our supporters, near and far. We're hoping that it's Patreon, because we have plenty of fuel in the tank to create more magical, perfectly imperfect things together.

We know there will never be another #LicMag exactly the same as the first one, and we'd be foolish to try. But look what that first show has wrought. Our hair is down, out, blowing in the wind, natty dreds. There will be more chances this year for shows like it, and maybe some new concepts and opportunities to attend virtually, too. Count on it. ❤️

We hope you enjoy this first installment, in video form, of Quiet from #LicMag, and remain excited that we are just getting started. While we're at it, PLEASE let us know how your time here has been so far. If you have about 5 minutes to spare, we've made a relatively painless place for you to tell us what's working and what isn't via this anonymous survey:  http://bit.ly/jlcpatreon 

Thank you! We ❤️ you! 


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