Hi, sorry for the radio silence. I am not sure how many boats I have helped move since I set this up. I have been across the Okeechobee twice, got second in the Hospice Regatta, had a painting in the Savannah Yacht Club Yacht Hop for Leukemia, helped run a boat up from Miami. Have helped fix a few things on boats and other fun stuff. 

April 28th we had a good art walk in the MASS / FAT Village. I unveiled four of the new "reflections"  works. They were well received. I have more in the works. I am hoping to be present for the May art walk, depends on a boat on a ship on its way from Australia to Savannah. No control over that!

My favorite quote of the month comes from an article by Brainard Carey, he writes "Our society is absolutely rife with consumerism. One could easily argue  that it is even defined by it. Everywhere you turn there is something to  buy. Our possessions are not meant to last, they are designed to be  replaced quickly. This system creates waste, destroys the planet, and  can very quickly leave us feeling quite hollow. Art is the very  antithesis of this cheap consumerism and sometimes speaks directly to or  against this very philosophy. Many artists use the chasm of a consumer  economy as a launch pad for their work. This can be cathartic and, in  the right context, can help inform a broader audience of the constant  barrage of commercialism we face every day."

Thank you  Patrons for helping me fight the vapidness of plastic consumer goods with art. Being able to create something from nothing that conveys my thoughts and feelings is a privilege! 

I promise to send some new art soon!!!!!!!!!